The Deep

The Deep
The Deep

The Deep es una película de aventuras dirigida por Peter Yates, y basada en la novela de Peter Benchley, gran conocedor de este tipo de historias, en las que el mar es protagonista. Con una pareja estelar, Jacqueline Bisset (Gail Berke) y Nick Nolte (David Sanders), además de Robert Shaw (Romer Treece) y Louis Gossett Jr. (Henri Cloche), cuenta con elementos de suspense, acción y bellas imágenes,  una buena opcion para disfrutar de un cine de evasión de calidad y ameno.

The Deep
The Deep
The Deep
The Deep

Inmediacy: 6.9 / 10
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  1. Danke schön – das mit dem Schärfeverlauf ist unter anderem das, was ich an meinem Makro-Objektiv so mag Und ja, es stimmt, es ist immer nur eine kurze Zeit, in der sie da sind – aber das macht sie wahrscheinlich auch so wertvoll. Für mich ist das jedes Jahr aufs Neue ein Highlight, auf das ich mich freue

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  4. OK, I don’t even have to read beyond the first sentence. You’ve made me *want* to go see this movie. Dewey Cox accidentally cuts his brother in half with a machete? Not only is that concept so disgustingly gory, it’s freaking hilarious too! Yeah, I’m going to see the movie.Am I sick in the head? Joanne, yes, thankfully you are. Just like me. –DHS

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  10. Chris, as always, thanks for the kind words my man. No, never gave any thought to young adult stories. Not sure what I have in common with today’s “tweener” crowd. Just enjoy sharing my experiences. As for GI Joe, they bastardized that once iconic tv show. Just one mans opinion. I’m also waiting for the new Happy Days tv show where the Fonz is a recovered meth head, Richie is gay & “Mrs. C” acts like a desperate housewife.

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  12. Dear Joanie & Jim,There are no words to express how sorry we are for the loss of your daughter, Beth. We will always remember her as the quiet, bright, sweet young woman she’s always been. Our hearts are with you and you and your family will remain in our thoughts and prayers.Jo-Ellen, Pete, Jessie & Gina

  13. Hi Holly…Sorry things didn't go quite as you planned…but glad that you had a good time anyway. (:>) Just the travel time together with Kelly would have been wonderful I'm sure…because,she is such a sweetie, just like you Holly. You two gals sure do have a heart for ministry to mothers. I love all that you do for those who are grieving.Sweet pictures. It was nice you go to meet Cecilia.Love you,Linda

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